Sunday, February 10, 2013

Buy The Dips, Sell The Rips

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As you can see below every index we follow is either at a resistance level or a trend channel resistance level. This technically speaking bodes well for a pullback. IF IF IF we continue the current UNREAL DON'T BLINK script it means we pullback for a day or two and it's in that pullback that we use it to pick off some names on the long side in standard one step at a time fashion.
Buy the dips, sell the rips in the short term and we've just ripped so bring on the dip. 

2-10 With IBM any weakness and we'd be willing to take a "Be There" trade from here.
In addition to IBM and AMZN, we have 11 other great looking stocks on the watch list for our paying subscribers that are pulling back in orderly form to areas of support -- this sets up low risk buy points for us.

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