Saturday, June 2, 2018

Where To Learn How To Trade From The Best

Who is Bizintra?

Bizintra is a global e-learning company (Financial Times, 2016) and is one of the world’s most sought-after destinations in financial education. It provides fully sponsored courses for people who want to learn more about trading the financial markets. Bizintra’s trading education and strategies have been meticulously developed and are delivered live by high profile industry experts from leading institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Bank Of America and Morgan Stanley. Their ethos is based on transparency and providing new and existing traders a platform for success. The company aims to teach a strategy that delivers regular returns over a period of time (Irish Examiner, 2016) to minimize any risks for its students. Bizintra works with four different brokers that sponsor the courses: AVATrade, City Index, Plus500 and IG Index.

“We know that our education is only as good as our trading results and we prove it every day. Not only do we notify you every time we make a trade, we also analyze each trade every evening in our live trade review. As a student, this gives you the opportunity to learn our strategy so you can successfully trade independently. We have a success rate of 80% over the last 12 months that our students are benefitting from every day” (Jonathan Farrelly, Bizintra CEO).

The aim of Bizintra

People have now become used to the value that can come out of strong online communities. The underlying success of our students lies in the relationships they can create through Bizintra. With the advancement of technology, the educational experience is not advancing at the same rate. The experience of learning is so much more that Powerpoints and multiple-choice exams.

“We aim to develop a unique online learning experience. We want to give people access to education from experts combined with a social network with other students. Our goal is to create a digital community that helps one another in making smarter investment decisions” (Sam Warner, Bizintra CTO).

Why Bizintra?
  • Quality, transparent, practical education 
  • Unique Sponsorships 
  • Live, interactive and engaging education 
  • Accessible education, anytime, from any device 
  • High profile industry experts (ex-traders from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Coutts Bank) 
  • Mentorship & expert support 
  • The success of our students - Proven Strategies 


Bizintra provides its students with three different programmes: Bootcamp, Alpha and the Pro Trader Programme.

Bootcamp – for brand new traders that want to start the right way

We know how challenging sitting down and trading for the first time might seem. The Bizintra Bootcamp has been developed for complete beginners, to get you prepared for trading the financial markets. The trading strategies that we use require some knowledge of the markets, risk management and a technical understanding of how to put trades on. We outline the right risk management strategy to have long-term success, how to develop the right mindset to trade and how to find a profitable trade with technical analysis.

Alpha Programme – your first steps into the live world of financial trading
The Alpha Programme at Bizintra offers students an introduction to live to trade in the global financial markets. The programme offers expert strategies and attempts to convey the experience of traders with over 60+ years combined. We offer our students a set of guidelines and consistent strategies that provide a controlled return that we use ourselves on a daily basis. Our trading programme will show you how to successfully negotiate the financial markets, striving for a consistent return month on month while managing your risk effectively.

Pro Trader Programme – elevate your trading to the next level
The Pro Trader Programme at Bizintra is the best next step for those students that are looking for a more advanced trading education. Our aim is to continue your growth as a trader and offer more detailed analysis on an individual basis. We aim to strengthen your understanding of our trading strategies and give you the ability to confidently make smart decisions each and every time you enter a trade. Our goal is to get you consistently trading the markets profitably and offer support and insight when you need it most.

Bizintra and Nick Leeson

The famous rogue trader, Nick Leeson, who brought the Barings Bank down, has partnered up with Bizintra to run some of the online courses (City Wire, 2016). Leeson became the Head Educator at Bizintra at the beginning of 2018. He focuses on a more realistic approach and tries to warn others of the mistakes he made in the past (Irish Examiner, 2016). He holds live webinars on a regular basis and answers questions from students (Financial Times, 2016).

If you wish to take any courses with Bizintra, you can apply on their website here.