Predicting What FuboTV's Stock Price

I currently have a position in $FUBO, as parabolic retail stocks are my specialty. I've been calling the top, and the bottom accurately as you can see from this post. I truly believe based on experience(trading stocks like this for almost a decade) and my technical analysis system, FuboTV will likely grind back to its previous highs as earnings approach March 2nd. The chart above shows my best guess on how it would look like, and roughly how long it may take as well (was drawn before Earnings were announced).

Unfortunately, it's unlikely the stock will move to all-time highs quickly but rather a slow grind. This is due to the fact of how hard it pulled back when it topped out. This is despite the $GME manic rally which as of now has fizzled. Luckily $FUBO is still grinding taking two steps forward and one-step backward. I truly believe that based on my decade of trading experience this will blast previous highs, and it definitely has not topped out! Traders need to be cautious and not greedy with the earnings announcement coming March 2nd. I would advise traders consider selling prior to earnings to caution on the safe side, as that is likely what I will do if it's near all-time highs.


Curious to see how well my prediction played out above that I made back in mid-January? Check out the chart since Feb 15th. I think I got the slope a bit off, but you can only get so much right.

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  1. Earnings on 03/02/2021?*%20for%20FUBO%3A%20Mar%2002%2C%202021&text=According%20to%20Zacks%20Investment%20Research,last%20year%20was%20%24%2D0.68.


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