FuboTV's Bullish Game Plan

Update 3/6/2021: Earnings have been announced as Scenario 2 described below came into play. The Cup and Handle pattern is no longer intact. Once the market recovers it will lift this stock. I sold 30% of my shares prior to earnings for a 25% gain, with the rest I sold OTM option calls prior to Earnings (all live-tweeted) as I figured earnings is unlikely to push this stock up. This stock will at the minimum have one more push back up which I plan to profit from.

I've been in $FUBO for over a month and made some great calls. I ended up live-tweeting the top and calling the exact bottom, and on top of that, I drew a chart showing what traders should expect (trader's hated it as I got quite a bit of hate on Twitter, but the call was pretty spot on). The point is, I have a pretty good track record trading parabolic retail stocks.

Now let's get some really good news out of the way. After being parabolic and getting hit really hard, FUBO price action is completely normal and is what is expected of a stock that will end up higher in the coming months and years. Take a look at the chart above, as you show that FuboTV is forming a bullish cup and handle pattern. So those who are not under a time constraint I would advise you to be patient and not panic, at the same time everyone's risk tolerance is different. 

Now that is out of the way let's discuss to bullish scenarios that I see coming up:

Scenario 1

FuboTV is around 12 days away from earnings, at a certain point, the stock might run up as traders get excited about earnings. If this does occur, I plan to sell around $55-$60 (could even be higher depending on overall market conditions). I would find holding through earnings a high risk for my trading strategy. 

Scenario 2

Overall Market conditions persist, where the Market continues to bleed, where FuboTV is sitting around $30-$40. In this case, I would hold through earnings as a lot of bad news is priced into the stock. Earnings could blast this back to previous highs, or simply would have to wait a bit till this decides to run up (this stock is not over, it will continue higher it's only a matter of time).


As shown, as it stands it appears that FuboTV is forming a bullish cup and handle pattern. It may not play out, but FuboTV has a lot going for it, as it's a young company with a ton of growth potential.
I've also laid out two bullish scenarios that require a bit of patience in holding (not everyone may have that luxury, especially those holding options).



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