My Current Stocks

In this post, I will be talking about my current stocks, including analysis and reasoning for holding them. My current positions are Lucid Motors ($CCIV), Greenwich Life Sciences ($GLSI), and FuboTV ($FUBO). The obvious pattern that is apparent in all three is at one point these stocks went parabolic. I purchased these stocks as they pulled back. The second obvious pattern is these three stocks are all relatively new whether by IPO or via a SPAC.

Lucid Motors ($CCIV)

Lovely parabolic chart, that has pulled back on-sell the news with the finalization of announcing the merger with CCIV. I have an in-depth analysis of Lucid Motors ($CCIV) where I make a bullish case. I then wrote a follow-up article on how I expect Lucid Motors bounce to further accelerate. Price surged 18% following that post but had a hard pull back and the signal was rejected. I ended up selling OTM covered calls for that week and collected the money as they expired. I expect the chart to retry again in the next 1-2 weeks.

FuboTV ($FUBO)

I've been swing trading this for a few months, where I called the top and bottom precisely a couple of months ago. In my last Fubo Post: FuboTV Bullish Gameplan  I talked about several scenarios playing out, where one situation was the stock would likely decline after earnings. Which sadly did happen. However, prior to earnings I sold 25% of my position for 30% and sold OTM calls during earnings making a couple thousand. I am still holding and expecting this to rebound in the coming months. The chart is a bit of a technical mess so I think patience is needed here.

Here's a simple chart, that seems to suggest $FUBO is in a holding pattern, seems like the initial break out is holding, while the parabolic portion has retraced.

Greenwich LifeSciences ($GLSI) 

Sold for 35% Gain when it skyrocketed to $51, but added back on a severe pull back at a significantly cheaper price around $31. On my second dip I sold from $31-33 so I missed the huge spike that would follow several days later., where the price doubled. But in the end, I got a good return, just could have been more.

GLSI is a stock that I have been talking about quite a bit, it's already exploded over 130% in one day which I sold. So it's difficult to time, I ended up rebuying back at $31. I've included a ton of analysis on $GLSI in this post on why I am long. Patiently holding this one as I believe it will be significantly higher as it already went from $5 to $180 in the blink of an eye before pulling back.

Virgin Galatic ($SPCE) - SOLD

Sold for 200% Gain 
This is my longest-held position out of the three. I have been trading this over and over since the Coronavirus pandemic began. I have made an absolute killing on a few of these trades. My latest position I have held since August 2020, where I am currently up 200%. As you can see from the chart below, $SPCE has a parabolic pattern, especially on the weekly. These types of stocks are my specialty.

They currently have a flight window coming up soon. I may buy back if it continues to pull back due to the delayed test flight. However, If I buy I'd like to sell before the next flight so I don't risk any bad news, but it's likely to succeed as this is the 2nd try on the same type of flight trying to head into orbit.

If you are curious as to what my next purchases will be make sure to follow me on Twitter. I'll keep this page updated and so forth as time goes by. Feel free to ask questions below and I will get back to you.


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