Thursday, January 5, 2017

Top 5 Regimen Changes To Make You Trade Better

Trading is a hard career, that many fail at. Over the years, from experience I learned a lot of tips and tricks to help me become a winning trader. I will share them below:

  1. Watch CNBC and read popular Financial News Headlines. When they panic, you know its time to really panic.
  2. Sing nice songs to your stocks, make them feel good. When you're pissed don't short them to revenge trade. Bad karma. They remember.
  3. Make sure to follow all the well followed hindsight traders, their after-the-fact commentary will help you become a better trader.
  4. Read everyones opinion on the stock market, especially on social media. The most popular opinion tends to be the right one.
  5. Trade naked. Be one with the stock market. Feel it inside of you.