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Image  is having a 30% off sale, as an affiliate, I have a 30% off coupon which you can use all up until November 27th!! TipRanks is the most comprehensive dataset of analysts, hedge fund managers, financial bloggers, and corporate insiders. They provide answers to the most basic questions: are they reliable and accurate? What is their track record? Are there better opinions out there? And, most importantly- should I listen to this particular person?  TipRanks stops the guessing game and shows you an updated and accurate view so you can make the most educated investment decisions. TipRanks has become the go-to tool for part-time to professional investors and everyone in the financial world. Their ultimate plan includes Stock Analysis, Investment Ideas, Smart portfolios, Research Tools, Daily Insights, Top Experts, Exporting Data, and Emailing Alerts. You can see more of what they offer here on the Ultimate Plan . Personally, I think use them as an initial starting point for the

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Chart Learning endorses very few products on the market. One of the few that is approved is TrendSpider , and they currently have a free 7-day trial, along with one of their biggest discounts ever which expires on Black Friday. They are currently offering 60% off (if expired please use code "CL25" for 25% off w/ my affiliate code ). Their software is amazing check out what is offered: TrendSpider is a new type of charting, technical analysis, and trading platform - one built by traders, for traders. It's a unique set of integrated tools designed to help you find, plan, and time your trades with greater efficiency and precision. Use Cases Using TrendSpider on this site: EMA Cloud Indicator: The Next Generation Of Indicators? More Coming Soon If you are ready to sign up, and get a free trial, use this link ! Still want to know more? Check out the video demo below: Please sign up using my affiliate code here, and if the sale is expired use code "CL25" for 25% of

A Guide To Becoming A Profitable Trader

Less than 10% of traders are profitable long term, and even a smaller percentage can beat the market over time. What this means to the average retail trader, is if you keep trading enough you will go broke. When I started out, I had an awful time, losing a lot then breaking even, then losing a lot. Rinse and repeat. I never fully went broke, just mostly swung my account to a 50% loss than getting my account back to break even.  After every failure I worked harder, studying charts, reading literature, and finding patterns. Eventually, all the things I was doing right eventually clicked and I became profitable. I currently stand at a 95%+ win rate since 2016 , as well as beating the market over the last decade. In this article, I lay out everything I did right to become a winning trader, removing all the noise. I believe following this list, at the very least will help you lose a lot less money. However, if you want to become truly become a winning trader follow this list religiously, an

How To Identify Mispriced Options To Make Millions

Options are generally unadvisable due to the large volume of losses retail traders experience while trading. However, despite the warnings and losses, many traders still trade options. Hence, presently, what matters the most isn’t discouraging people from trading options but helping people deeply understand its fundamentals. This way, retail traders can optimally minimize their losses, and perhaps increase their chances of finding mispriced options that could return lottery-like profits.  This article explores how options are priced, helping traders to understand past the “basics.” At the end of this article, you should be able to understand options pricing and have a better chance of recognizing when options may be mispriced in your favor and when they are not. Thus, giving you the tools set to potentially identify the next Gamestop option play. Without any further ado, let’s get straight into understanding how options are priced! Basics of Options Pricing Options are a contract type

Making Money Using Elliot Wave Theory

The financial market is one of the avenues that gives an opportunity for innovativeness. The more innovative you are, the more money you will make period. After spending some time with the graphs and having an understanding of the price action, you can go ahead and come up with a system that will give you an advantage over other traders (however in the year 2021 that is difficult to do nowadays, but still possible). Your system should work and have some supporting evidence to back it. That is what Ralph Nelson Elliott did to come up with the Elliott Wave theory. After Elliott was forced into early retirement due to illness, he was left with a collection of various price action graphs and he studied them to understand the market price action. Ralph was able to identify fractal wave patterns that kept recurring. These waves could either be seen in stock price movements and also in consumer behavior representing recurring long-term price change patterns directly related to changes in the