Monday, February 8, 2016

Titan Trade: Three White Soldiers or how to Track Market Movement From Bear to Bull

Learn Three white soldiers with Titan Trade

Binary options trading is not difficult to master, but the fact remains that the best options traders always use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis techniques to determine the optimal asset types and trading time periods for each transaction. These techniques vary widely from trader to trader, but most traders can readily identify whether they feel more comfortable trading in foreign exchange, stocks or commodities. Deciding which assets to trade is an important, but small, aspect of binary options trading.

More important than this is learning to read investor behavior and the direction of the market. This technical analysis can lead investors to easy money and simplify the trading process -- reading asset activity is more difficult than reading the market, and in a process as simplistic as binary options trading, being able to predict the behavior of other investors is often the only skill necessary for success.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Learn How To Trade

A long time ago, the beginning of commerce brought us a way of dealing with merchandise, the trade. Trading started with people looking for getting something the others had with something we did for mutual benefit. Since then, it has evolved to more sophisticated ways, like active trading, leading to today’s different types of tradings and markets.

If you are looking to trade on financial markets, you may not even know where to start, not even which Forex trading platform to choose. For that reason, We will now show you now some ways you can get knowledge on trading Forex and different markets. Undoubtedly, the best knowledge comes from two main sources: Traders with experience and books or publications that you can find online. Everything else just won't be as good.

Ask for experienced traders advice

One of the best ways of learning how to trade is approaching experts in the area and asking intelligent questions. Successful traders may be reserved about the methods they use to trade, of course. However, if you ask them what they think and how they feel in particular situations; and how they deal with their emotions when trading, you may receive many life-changing tips. The same will happen if you ask them which Forex trading platform do they think is the best. In fact, we can almost assure you they’d love to do it. Everyone likes to be a mentor if the mentored person is truly interested, after all if he is a trader, he is most likely passionate about it.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Advantages Of Binary Options

Traders have been struggling the last years to discuss whether the traditional binary options are the best vehicles for investment, or if the most recent alternatives are actually an option.
The traditional binary options trading is very simple to apply, and one of their main advantages is the ease of managing risks, right next to their overall simplicity. According to the concept of binary options, you can either win or lose it all; however, many brokers are creating new trading techniques and options, allowing to boost up your trades and earnings and cashing out trades in advance. Opening up the option to make quick money or to leave a trade that is heading the wrong way before it gets any worst. Now, despite all the good stuff, is it really all positive about binary options?
Normally, the new potential investors prefer to know the exact amount of money that is risked in a trade; with binary options, they have this advantage. This characteristic of binary options has help them grow rapidly. However, the most attractive characteristics of this tool still are the high returns and simplicity.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why The Bulls Are In Trouble

In my last post in mid-October I mentioned the Bulls are likely to take charge, soon after the Market retested all-time highs. However, the current Market environment now is much different. I am noticing an ominous chart (shown above) for the Bulls. 

The chart above is the Ratio Adjusted Summation Index ($NYSI).  The $NYSI, which is a great tool to measure the strength of a Bull Market, is calculated by adding the daily values of the McClellan Oscillator. Readings above 500 convey the message that we are in a Bull Market and will continue to make higher highs. Make note of the black highlighted area where the $NYSI barely goes above 500, before continually making lower lows even though the market maintained and made a slightly higher high (divergence). Eventually it caught up to the market, and a +20% correction occurred.