Saturday, January 28, 2017

Ten Signs You Are Probably A Terrible Trader

Over 90% over traders will end up losing money in the stock market. Chances are if you are reading this you are probably loser in the Market. In order to encourage you to quit before you lose all your money, I created a list below to make you realize you are terrible at trading and should probably find another dream to pursue.

1) You follow "professional" traders on twitter. The truth is many on twitter are complete phonies and have built a fake trading persona to end up selling you something in the end. More on this can be found on my guide on how to identify fraud traders.

2) You look at inspirational quotes or quotes given by "famous" traders as part of your trading regimen. This is non-sense, this won't help you.

3) You assume psychology is a major part of trading, much more than an actual system. As such, you constantly remind yourself that you lost money in your last trade because of psychological mistakes and thus you refer to #2 on the list to regain focus (stupid trading quotes). If psychology was such a big part the simple solution would be to write programs that would trade for you (this isn't a money maker). The truth is, many "professional" traders instill that psychology is big so that they can sell you their products for improving your "weak" psychology. Just to be clear I am sure most of you lack discipline, but even with discipline you still would lose money.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Top 5 Regimen Changes To Make You Trade Better

Trading is a hard career, that many fail at. Over the years, from experience I learned a lot of tips and tricks to help me become a winning trader. I will share them below:

1)Watch CNBC and read popular Financial News Headlines. When they panic, you know its time to really panic.
2)Sing nice songs to your stocks, make them feel good. When you're pissed don't short them to revenge trade. Bad karma. They remember.
3)Make sure to follow all the well followed hindsight traders, their after-the-fact commentary will help you become a better trader.
4)Read everyones opinion on the stock market, especially on social media. The most popular opinion tends to be the right one.
5) Trade naked. Be one with the stock market. Feel it inside of you.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Where Sarepta Therapeutics ($SRPT) is Heading in 2017

SRPT stock chart analysis

Word of caution I'd like to get out of the way first: Biotech stocks don't necessarily follow technical analysis.  However, those that show impressive technical strength can use technical analysis to predict future price(often, not always). One such stock that fits this criteria is $SRPT. 

Barring some unforeseen news such as trial deaths or severe changes in the fundamentals of the company, the technical strength shown in $SRPT will likely results in the stock receiving a significant bounce in 2017. The chart above highlights the extreme technical strength displayed a few months back, and since then the stock has pulled back. A certain degree of this pulled can be attributed to the working off the overbought condition due to the impressive move in October.