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My name is Jason, I have a Ph.D. in computer engineering background, thus I am very analytical when it comes to the Stock market. I have been trading since 2011, and have been incredibly successful since 2013. I am probably one of the few traders whose trading returns have beaten the S&P 500 Market since 2013. Over these ten years I’ve had over 1000 trades, so it’s clear I have an edge.

I went ahead and plugged my trading account into TipRanks, and as of this update in June 2021, I am ranked for this year 54 out of 428k users. I believe this takes into account your return on a position and not monetary value.

TipRanks Performance for individual investor.

My trading system has a win rate of over 95% since 2016, you can find more about my impressive win rate where I talk in detail about my trading system.

My History

When I first started this blog, I only had the technical charting skills to make profits. However, as a decade of trading approaches, I developed the experience to maximize profits and minimize losses. My trading style is strictly chart-based. I try to filter as much news as possible, but I try to stay out of the way of market-moving news events. I have a unique way of reading charts and technical indicators of which I've incorporated into a proprietary system. 

If you would like to learn more about how I trade and read the market, check out the tag "Market Education" on the blog for many articles that share my insights.

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  1. what's your reasoning for not looking at the same indicators everyone else is looking at? doesn't it almost work best in your favor to do so? if everyone is looking at rsi and are buying on oversold, isn't it in your best interest to also buy and go with the overall psychology of the market?

  2. If you look at indicators such as RSI and MACD they can give you a lot of false signals. Also for example everyone is waiting for the same thing like the 50 SMA to be hit on a certain stock, and sometimes it doesn't happen (because everyone is waiting for it)...so its best to use stuff that works and that is unique. Makes it so you have an edge so only you know whats going to happen.

    The majority of the stock market involves traders playing against each other (at least in my case). Its best to have some secret weapons.

    Thats kind of a short explanation.

  3. What indicators do you use most?

  4. Simple ... I like it. Those are two I use a lot too !


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