Stock Trader in front of his computer trading and becoming upset

I'm a winning trader who has crushed the market since 2013, specializing in swing trading. The majority of the time, I am in cash and profit from extremely oversold/overbought trading stocks for quick gains. I have compiled a list of common mistakes traders make Using this list has helped me become profitable and have a trading system with over a 95% win rate. Hopefully, you can add it to your trading regimen.

List of Mistakes Traders Make

  1. Don't trade stock on the OTC. This is the wild wild west here, most of these companies are entangled in fraud (very little regulation on OTC Exchange).
  2. Don't trade foreign stocks, especially Chinese. A lot of fake accounting and government intervention.
  3. Don't trade commodities (Oil and Gold). They follow geopolitical events that are simply unpredictable.
  4. Don't trade companies that profit from commodities (see #3).
  5. Don't trade forex and futures. Completely different beast, a lot of it requires leverage and is prone to manipulation on light volume.
  6. Don't listen to TV pundits. They know less than you do :-).
  7. Don't trade options. They are very complicated instruments rigged against you like Casinos.
  8. Don't subscribe to real-time subscription trading services. A lot of them are scams.
  9. Don't listen To WallStreetBets (WSB) on Reddit. For every millionaire you see, thousands lose money.
  10. Don't short stocks. The market is designed to always go up due to Fed help. If you do use puts, that way you don't expose yourself to unlimited losses (Imagine Shorting GameStop $GME at $10)
  11. Don't trade healthcare stocks, as Congress has a huge say on how these will trade. One new law and the stock you are trading could have their profits wiped out!
  12. Avoid stocks that end with "Holdings", their finances are pretty complicated, and reporting is hard to follow. They often have their revenue and assets in a plethora of things. Just stay away.


The list above highlights several common mistakes that traders make, advising against trading on the OTC due to potential fraud, avoiding foreign stocks with fake accounting and government intervention, and steering clear of commodities, forex, futures, and options trading due to complexity and manipulation risks. It cautions against relying on TV pundits, real-time subscription trading services, and following WallStreetBets on Reddit. 

Shorting stocks is discouraged, with a focus on potential unlimited losses, and healthcare stocks are deemed risky due to congressional influence. Additionally, stocks ending with "Holdings" are recommended to be avoided due to complex finances.

Hopefully following this list to a T will help you become a more profitable trader and reduce the frustration that goes with stock trading. Feel free to read a few of my other lists including Ten Signs You Are Probably A Terrible Trader and How To Master Meme Stock Trading.

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