What if I told you that parabolic stocks aren't a pump and dump but the pullback following the initial euphoria is one of the greatest buying opportunities to generate alpha?

At one time or another Bitcoin, Tesla, Apple, and Amazon were all parabolic stocks that suffered severe corrections, that once consolidated enough blasted higher. The catch here is NOT every parabolic stock that crashes continues higher. 

You need to have the experience and fundamental understanding of what is a quality stock and avoid pitfalls. I've written about common mistakes traders make. Obviously, it's always more complicated than a list of top things to avoid, but it's up to the trader to gain that experience as well as risk management. One tip I can provide on whether a stock will continue to bounce is if it has an upcoming catalyst following the crash, this will keep the hype going. After all, the hype is what drives these stocks parabolically.

The remaining portion of this article lists a ton of parabolic stocks with no indicators, just pure price. These charts all have similar patterns where they all crash after the initial parabolic movement followed by blasting higher. Take a look at these charts, and understand them. After this, you will realize, why it's inevitable that FuboTV, Virgin Galatic, and Lucid Motors will reach + $60 again. 

Despite these 3 stocks trading significantly lower than what people are used to seeing. All 3 stocks have had some amazing news lately. FuboTV blew out earnings, Virgin Galatic actually reached space, and Lucid Motors has a game-changing car around the corner. These successes, future catalysts, and previously parabolic chart patterns will easily drive prices over $60.

Tesla ($TSLA) Parabolic Stock Chart

Tesla TSLA parabolic stock chart analysis

Gold ($GLD) ($IAU) Parabolic Stock Chart

gold parabolic stock chart

Bitcoin ($BTC) Parabolic Stock Chart

Bitcoin parabolic stock chart analysis

Virgin Galatic ($SPCE) Parabolic Stock Chart

Virgin Galatic just had a successful flight with plenty of catalysts coming. On top of these, each one of these future test flights involves additional revenue from Italy, as well as NASA. This stock has the potential to literally reach the moon.

Update: 10/19/2021 as mentioned in June 2021, this prediction has been called as it hit 55. I updated the chart below to reflect the call. I do not recommend trading this stock since it hit the price target and fell back hard. Just the risk-reward ratio isn't as enticing as it once was. Still has potential though. 

space parabolic stock chart analysis

Greenwich Lifesciences ($GLSI) Parabolic Stock Chart

Greenwich Life Sciences $GLSI parabolic stock chart analysis

Lucid Motors ($LCID) Parabolic Stock Chart

By now you can see why I am quite bullish on Lucid Motors, it has yet to make its inevitable bounce. I think $LCID is the last great buying opportunity of 2021, which really fits my trading style. I've written several articles on Lucid Motors including a play-by-play on how the bounce will play out. So far it has been spot on. What's clear from all these previous examples is it will take months, not weeks for the share price to continue to appreciate. As we know the next catalyst is car deliveries as of 10/19/2021.

CCIV Lucid Motors parabolic stock chart analysis

FuboTV ($FUBO) Parabolic Stock Chart

FuboTV has been hit the hardest, due to many factors including a Hedge Fund blow-up as well as a short-selling attack. However, Q3 2021 earnings were very impressive, including an increase in revenue outlook for the year. On top of this, the CEO is quite charismatic and seems to fight back against perceived bears. The upcoming FuboBets catalyst will be interesting, and I wouldn't be surprised to see this one testing $60 in Q4 of 2021.

fubotv parabolic stock chart analysis


With all the positive fundamental changes and impressive parabolic charts, it should be easy to see why with a high probability $SPCE $FUBO and $LCID will end up testing +$60. 

The next time you see a parabolic stock crashing, you will think twice about calling it a pump and dump. However, one last note, parabolic stocks could be riddled with fraud, and can be a potential scam always do your due diligence and be careful what you invest in!

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