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TipRanks is a financial data and investment research platform that provides investors with insights and analysis to make informed decisions in the stock market. The platform aggregates data from various sources to offer comprehensive stock and analyst information. TipRanks' key features include:

1. Analyst Ratings: It compiles and analyzes recommendations from financial analysts, providing a consensus rating for a particular stock.

2. Stock Performance: TipRanks tracks the historical performance of stocks and provides insights into their potential future performance.

3. Insider Trading: The platform monitors insider trading activities, giving users visibility into transactions made by company insiders.

4. Hedge Fund Activity: TipRanks analyzes hedge fund positions, helping investors understand the strategies of professional fund managers.

5. News and Sentiment Analysis: It aggregates financial news related to stocks and uses sentiment analysis to gauge market sentiment.

6. Portfolio Tracking: Users can track and manage their portfolios on the platform, gaining insights into their overall performance.

7. Dividend Calendar: TipRanks provides information on upcoming dividend payments, helping investors plan their income strategies.

8. IPO Analysis: The platform offers insights into initial public offerings (IPOs), including analysis of new companies entering the market.

By consolidating and presenting this information in an accessible manner, TipRanks aims to empower investors with the tools they need to make well-informed investment decisions.